Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Sign" Of The Times

Thanks to Ryan for sending the following article about psychics and financial advice to me. For the record, I knew he was going to do that.

From the Daily Tar Heel: "Local psychics seeing more financial questions"

You can't beat the beginning of the article:

For Chapel Hill psychic Millie Wallace, business is booming.

As the economy worsens, more people line up to have their palms read and cards interpreted to anticipate their financial future. For some, the advice offered by stock brokers and investment bankers just isn’t cutting it anymore.

“We see things,” Wallace said. “Some accountants just guess at what kind of stock to invest in­, but people come to psychics because we know.”
The psychics know! Such conviction. If I made that kind of statement, I'd likely end up spending a good deal of time explaining my business practices to a bitter team of regulators looking for redemption for the Madoff miss. And which accountants are out there making stock recommendations? I always wondered who would go to a psychic for investment advice. Now I know -- anyone who had been getting stock-picking advice from an accountant.

Not to pick on Millie, but I'd love to know what she was invested in last year. She probably had her money tied up in crystal balls, tarot cards, incense, and scrying bowls. Ok. She would have beaten the market, but she probably just got lucky.

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